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To celebrate the launch of the Digital Globe World View 4 Satellite the company commissioned the creation of a VR animation simulating the launch and deployment of the satellite from Vandenburg Air Force Base in October of 2016. These thumbnails are stills from the sequence. The animation can be viewed on an iPhone and a cardboard VR type viewer. Visit the link, World View Satellite launch, on YouTube to watch through a Google cardboard type viewer.


The images below are cubic map images of panoramic views rendered in maya using a special virtual stereo camera setup. The value in this technique is the extremely high resolution of the render maintains the visual fidelity of the imagery. The obvious drawback is that the technique is incapable of animation. However for various visualization needs it is an excellent medium for conveying realistic 360 environments. The top image is a normal camera angle view of the environment, the bottom strip is the actual cube map that is viewed in a viewer such as Gear VR.

Image Cube Maps for Gear VR applications

Interested in viewing one of these on your Gear VR headset? Send a request email in the contact section and we will send you a link and instructions on how to install on an Android phone.